2017 Reflections

Hey all of you lovely readers! Happy New Year! So, obviously, today's post is (look at title). Here goes... 2017 Reflections: Well in 2017, My family moved 3 times. A little bit of advice: don't ever move! Why you ask? Well  it is very stressful! Also when you get to the new house, you can't… Continue reading 2017 Reflections

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In Christ We Have Our Hope ~ Isabelle Ingalls

Isabelle has written a wonderful bow for our Christmas series. I hope you enjoy this last installment in "A Little Hope"! ~~~ Kids want Christmas to last forever. I beg to differ. I’m more than ready for Christmas season to end. Or perhaps, I was never truly ready for it to begin. No, my name… Continue reading In Christ We Have Our Hope ~ Isabelle Ingalls

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A Little Gift, A Lot of Magic ~ Adaline Griffiths

Hi! Today's post is the fourth in "A little hope" series. We have Adaline Griffiths writing our post today. I hope you enjoy! ~~~ It’s Christmas morning. A little child runs down the stairs, with anticipation and excitement reflecting in their eyes as they dive into their stockings. Many of us can remember a time… Continue reading A Little Gift, A Lot of Magic ~ Adaline Griffiths

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Hope Was Wrapped In A Baby

Smiles flash from people everywhere and colorful lights peek out from the windows of houses. Snow gently crunches under my feet, and clouds of puff into the air every time I breath. It's Christmas season. A time of year filled with joy and goodwill. But just beyond the bright lights and friendly smiles hides a… Continue reading Hope Was Wrapped In A Baby

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Children Understand Christmas ~ Courtney Peetz

Hey y'all! Merry Christmas! Today's post is from my sister! I hope you enjoy! ~~~ Here we are again at Christmas. Another year has passed and again it's time to pull out the tree, lights and gingerbread cookies. It's a time for family and friends to join in joy, hope and healing. A time filled… Continue reading Children Understand Christmas ~ Courtney Peetz

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Introducing “A Little Hope”

Kids love Christmas. Think about it. Santa, sweets, soft lullabies, shiny lights, surprises hidden in wrapping paper and simply time with family are all things that appeal to kids. The little squeals and contented sighs that fill the air tell us just how much they treasure this season. Christmas is all about kids. After all,… Continue reading Introducing “A Little Hope”